Top 8 Dog Training Apps in 2024

Dog Training Apps

In the age of smartphones and smart homes, it’s no wonder that dog training has gone digital. With a myriad of applications at our fingertips, pet owners can now access comprehensive training resources, expert advice, and interactive tools to help them shape their dogs into well-behaved and joyful members of the family. 

In this post, we’ll go further into the top 8 dog training apps in 2024, examining their distinct features, effectiveness, and user experiences.

Best Dog Training Apps


Puppr dog training app

Puppr stands out as a leading choice in the realm of dog training apps. Its approach, rooted in the Clicker training method, offers a convenient way to train your furry friend.

Developed by renowned dog trainer Sara Carson, Puppr provides access to over 70 lessons, empowering users to embark on basic training courses at no cost. For those seeking more advanced instruction, there’s an option to subscribe for $12.99 per month or annually.

Beyond training modules, Puppr boasts an in-app clicker and an online store stocked with essential training materials, equipment, and other canine necessities.


Goodpup dog training app

Goodpup offers personalized training sessions with certified and vetted trainers, making it an ideal choice for those seeking individualized guidance for their furry friends.

Whether you’re looking to address behavioral issues or enhance special skills, Goodpup’s trainers are here to help in real-time, ensuring effective progress under their watchful eye.

The app covers essential training areas such as potty training, crate training, and basic behavioral training, among others. Simply select a training plan, provide a quick assessment, schedule a session, and let Goodpup’s trainers handle the rest. It’s a hassle-free way to give your dog the training they need.


Doggo dog training app

Introducing Doggo, the premier dog training app designed to make your furry friend’s learning journey a breeze! Packed with a plethora of tips, tricks, and easy-to-follow video instructions, Doggo is your ultimate companion in nurturing your dog’s obedience skills. The platform also offers specialized training programs tailored to meet your dog’s unique needs.

But that’s not all! Doggo comes equipped with a handy training clicker and a wealth of information on dog care, ensuring that you have everything you need to raise a happy and well-behaved pup right at your fingertips.

Join the millions of monthly users who trust Doggo to guide them through their dog training endeavors. Plus, with innovative video exams, you can keep track of your pup’s progress like never before!


Pupford dog training app

Discover Pupford’s dog training app with a comprehensive 30-day video course designed to cover all essential training lessons for your beloved pup, from mastering leash walking to much more!

Equipped with a built-in progress tracker, you can easily monitor your pup’s development along the way.

Plus, join the vibrant community bustling with valuable dog-related advice and resources, ensuring all your queries are addressed while you embark on this rewarding training journey with your furry friend!


Everydoggy dog training app

Welcome to Everydoggy dog training app, your trusted companion in dog training! With over 300,000 satisfied dog parents worldwide, Everydoggy stands out as a top-rated app for potty training, crate training, and addressing biting behaviors in your furry friend.

Equipped with a user-friendly interface, Everydoggy features handy tools like a built-in dog whistle and clicker, making training sessions a breeze. Everdoggy step-by-step video lessons provide clear guidance, ensuring you and your dog achieve success together.

Join the Everydoggy community today and embark on a journey to better communication and understanding with your canine companion.

MyDog Training app:

Welcome to MyDog Training App, where they’ve crafted a delightful 30-day program designed to transform your furry friend into the star pupil you’ve always dreamed of.

Their user-friendly interface and lively animated cues make learning a breeze for both you and your pup. Plus, with the built-in clicker for instant rewards and acknowledgment, behavioral training becomes a joyful bonding experience.

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a harmonious relationship with your four-legged companion, courtesy of MyDog Training App.

iTrainer Dog Whistle and Clicker:

iTrainer Dog Whistle and Clicker dog training app

This dog training app has garnered significant popularity for its user-friendly interface and customizable sound options, allowing you to select the perfect tone for your furry friend.

It provides valuable information and a plethora of features, including whistle training, clicker training, and positive reinforcement techniques, making it a comprehensive tool for effective dog training.


Pawsitive dog training app

Pawsitive stands out as a top-notch Android dog training app designed with your pet’s well-being in mind.

Offering engaging games, a handy clicker, and nutritious food recommendations tailored to your furry companion, it’s a go-to resource for pet owners.

Emphasizing positive reinforcement training methods, Pawsitive simplifies the process with clear illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions. Whether you’re a novice in dog training or giving your pup a refresher course, Pawsitive provides the tools to kickstart your journey with confidence.


The top 8 dog training apps featured in this article represent the forefront of pet education and technology in 2024. Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or a seasoned trainer, these apps offer a wealth of resources, guidance, and support to help you achieve your training goals and strengthen your bond with your furry companion. 

From personalized coaching to live instruction to interactive games, there’s an app for every dog and every training need. So why wait? Download one today and embark on a rewarding journey of learning, growth, and companionship with your canine best friend.

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