How to Get A Puppy to Sleep Through the Night?

Puppy sleep

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time, but it also comes with adjustments – like helping them learn to sleep through the night. Puppies need plenty of rest but may whine or cry if they’re lonely or need to go potty. Here are some proven tips to help your furry friend feel secure sleeping on their own:

Establish A Bedtime Routine

Starting a calming routine lets your pup know it’s time for bed. After their last potty break and playtime, do things like gentle brushing, a training session, or a snack. Keep these activities low-key in the hour before lights out to signal their bodies that it’s winding down time. Sticking to the same routine each night allows them to recognize when it’s time to settle in for sleep.

Keep It Consistent

Puppies thrive on consistency, so establish set times for meals, nap breaks, and their last potty trip at night. Being regularly on schedule helps regulate their biological clocks for sleeping. It also means they won’t associate you coming and going as a cue to play. Hold off on excitement or play an hour before bedtime to relax them fully.

Use Their Crate As A Safe Space

For a puppy, a crate offers security similar to that of a den in the wild. To make it feel more comfortable, cover it with a blanket and first reserve it for naps and sleep. Build joyful connections by feeding all meals inside of it and rewarding calm behavior. Store the crate in your bedroom so they may be close to you but yet can take care of themselves when you’re not around.

Ignore Whining The First Few Nights

Resist the urge to immediately respond to crying, as that can reward the behavior and lengthen the process. Have patience as they adjust – with comfort breaks if needed. Once they settle after a few minutes, very quietly praise and reward them to reinforce calmness. Over time, stay consistent and they’ll realize crying won’t get them attention or taken out of their crate.

Make The Last Potty Break Routine

Whenever possible, take your dog outside for one last potty break at night. To positively promote using the restroom outside, give them praise and treats when they go potty. Give them an order, such as “go potty,” and they will understand that it is time for them to go. Receiving this kind of incentive every night helps make the connection that going outside is only appropriate.

Use Snuggle Time For Bonding Before Bed

One-on-one snuggle time releases calming oxytocin for you both. Gently petting, grooming or playing calms their body while fostering trust in you as their source of comfort. This special time teaches them you’ll provide security as they rest. Just be sure not to overstimulate right before bed.

ThunderShirt or Anxiety Wrap

Snug-weight wraps like a ThunderShirt create comfortable pressure that can quell restlessness from anxiety, stress, or over-excitement. The deep touch therapy promotes calmness as it mimics a maternal hug. Slide it on your dog right before bed or whenever they seem on edge—the pressure comforts while avoiding sedation from medication. Look for sizes specific to your puppy’s weight to avoid anything too constricting.

Provide Distractions in Their Crate

Having a favorite chew toy or treat kong in their crate gives restless pups something acceptable to focus on besides crying. Put some worn clothes that smell like you in there too for added security. Distractions provide mental stimulation to curb loneliness as they drift off to sleep.

Try Calming Treats For Extra Relaxation

If nighttime anxiety still prevails, calming treats containing chamomile, melatonin or CBD may ease their stress. Give treats roughly 30 minutes before bed as part of the routine. Look for all-natural options made for puppies and follow dosage guidelines closely. Consistency is key to seeing effects.

Be calm While They Adjust To Their New Home

It can take up to 8 weeks for a pup to fully feel secure sleeping without disturbances. With love, positive reinforcement, and consistency in a structured bedtime plan, before you know it they’ll be snoozing soundly straight through each night. A well-rested pup is a joy to be around all day long. Your new furry friend will sleep like a log with these important tips!


Recall that your Labrador puppy is a valued member of your family in addition to being a pet. Your home is filled with happiness and love when they are around, making every minute you spend with them memorable. So, enjoy the ride through puppyhood with love and patience, and see how your Labrador develops into a devoted and caring friend for many years to come.


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