How To Remove Dog Hair From Car

Have you ever battled to remove pet fur from your vehicle? If that has been a challenge, this article is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Absolutely, the process may appear difficult because of the variety of forms of pet hair. Fortunately, we have some helpful tips on how to effectively remove dog hair from your car.

Tips for Dog Hair Removal in the Car

1. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Dog hair remover tool

As simple as it appears, this is one of the most effective ways to remove pet hair from your automobile. Standard household vacuums are the best for removing hair from carpets because they are more powerful and have better attachment tools, but portable vacuums are still effective if you do not have easy access to a power outlet.

When vacuuming automotive carpets, use a lifting motion to remove loose hairs up and out of the fibers. Avoid scouring the carpet with hard plastic vacuum heads, as this may cause damage.

2. Use a Lint Roller

Dog hair remover tool

Lint roller is a great tool for quickly removing hair in your car. The sticky paper will take care of the hairs; simply run the lint roller over your carpets and chairs, and the pet hair will be removed.

Lint rollers work best on recently shed pet hair, so always keep one on hand when you’re out and about. Lint rollers are ideal for quick cleaning because they are lightweight and portable, but they are ineffective for hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Keep one in your car console to swiftly remove pet hair after each journey.

3. Use Velcro Hair Curler

Dog hair removerDog hair remover

Despite its unconventionality, a velcro hair curler can be extremely effective for removing dog hair. Because of their extend points, their curlers make it simple to remove hair from the seat. This allows you to remove hair without hurting the seats. As an added plus, a velcro hair curler can be reused rather than replaced on a regular basis.

If you have old Velcro hair curlers at home, you can keep them in your glove compartment and roll them on the car seats and carpets whenever your dog comes into the car. Once you get all the dog hair out, simply wipe the hair off the hair curlers outside the car.

4. Use Duct Tape

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Duct tape is another effective solution to remove dog hair from a car seat. To apply this method, wrap a piece of duct tape over your hand (sticky side facing out), press firmly onto the problem area, and then pull the wrapped hand up to examine how much dog hair is caught.

Simply continue the process until your car is clean, and remember to reapply fresh duct tape across your hand as soon as the first wrap loses its stickiness.

5. Use Squeegee

Dog hair remover tool

If you need to clear dog hair from your car quickly, a squeegee is an easy and cost-effective solution. The rubber blade of the squeegee, like rubber gloves, collects dog hair as you drag it across your car’s seats and flooring. This will gather all of the dog hair into a single convenient mound for removal.

6. Use a Wire Brush

Dog hair remover tool

A wire brush is an effective dog hair cleaning tool because it removes any remaining dog hair that other processes may have missed. This procedure is normally used as the final step in the hair removal process because it can be damaging to carpets, although it is simple to use. Simply run the wire brush (gently) along the car’s upholstery until the hair is completely removed.

How to Prevent Dog Hair From Getting on Your Car Seat

Keeping dog hair off your car seats might be difficult, but with the appropriate techniques, you can reduce the mess. Here are five excellent methods to keep dog hair from accumulating on your car seats:

1. Use Seat Covers

Invest on seat covers that are specifically developed for dogs. These covers provide as a protective barrier between your dog and the car seats, preventing hair from being embedded in the fabric. Look for covers that are easy to install, clean, and constructed of hair-repelling materials.

2. Regular Grooming

Regular grooming sessions for your dog can help to prevent shedding. Brushing your dog’s coat properly before a car travel can assist eliminate loose hair that would otherwise accumulate on your seats. Consider using a deshedding tool or a grooming glove made to catch loose fur.

3. Pet Hair Remover Tools

Keep a pet hair removal tools in your car, such as a rubber bristle brush or a roller. These tools are specifically intended to lift and collect pet hair from upholstery with ease. Simply run the tool over the seats before and after transporting your dog to remove any loose hairs.

4. Blankets or Towels

Cover the car seats with blankets or towels before letting your dog to sit or lie down. This forms a protective covering that is readily removed and cleaned after each journey. Choose materials that attract less hair, such as microfiber or fleece, and use darker colors to hide any remaining fur.

5. Limit Pet Access

Restrict your dog’s access to specific area of the car, particularly the seats. You can use pet barriers or crates to keep your dog in a specified location, such as the cargo area or backseat, where they are less likely to shed on the car seats.


Owning a dog is exciting but often stressful, one of which is getting your dog in and out of your car without causing a mess. Instead of debating whether or not to let your dog into the car, use the procedures outlined above to prevent dog hair from getting on your seats in the first place, or to swiftly remove dog hair from your car if it does get in. Here is a summary of the strategies below.


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